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Laura Shepard

Laura A. Shepard writes for Nexus Media News.

Laura Shepard

Glacier National Park
The World’s Glaciers are Melting

Someday, Americans may be hard pressed to find a glacier in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Twila Moon, a glaciologist at the University of Colorado Boulder, said that many of the park’s smaller

red cap with make america grea again
Clean Power in Trumpland

Angel Garcia, a 41-year-old attorney from the south side of Chicago, is as passionate about clean energy as he is about deep-dish pizza and the Chicago Bears. He fostered a love for

Climate on the Menu?

Unlike many other trappings of consumer society, food is necessary for survival. Food is also cultural, and every year, cooks and chefs come up with new ways to make food tastier, healthier

thanksgiving meal
A Sustainable Tradition

We celebrate Thanksgiving with a bountiful feast, an expression of gratitude shared among family and friends. It’s a time when our values take center stage (or center table, as it were). As

5 Min Read
money seeded in the ground with a planting tools
What’s In Your Wallet?

When Americans plan for retirement, they think about their dreams for the future and invest accordingly — often spending their entire careers contributing to 401K plans and other long-term investments. But the money isn’t

old man watching the river
The Wisdom of the Aged

With age comes wisdom. Ask any politician. They listen closely to what older Americans think and say for a simple reason: older people vote. There’s an even simpler reason why politicians (and

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