A lawsuit has been filed against ExxonMobil on behalf of investors on Monday for the company’s allegedly misleading behavior regarding the risk of stranded assets due to climate policy and an over-valuation of its reserves in light of low oil prices.

But today is no time for petty snark or courtroom squabbles.

With reactions from scientists mirroring a shocked world, reactions from the green community confident in the unstoppable economics of clean energy and reactions from diplomats cautiously optimistic about the Paris Agreement, which was designed in some ways to withstand President Trump, there is a bigger issue than climate that needs to be acknowledged.

The feeling of betrayal among broad swaths of America cannot go unaddressed. A campaign built on a blind hatred of immigrants succeeded in a nation built by immigrants. The call to prevent members of one of the world’s largest religions from crossing into our borders resonated in a republic founded on religious freedom. An administration that cast aside veiled dog whistles for overt racism will replace the administration of the first black President. A uniquely unqualified man who bragged about sexual assault was chosen over a woman who could not have been better suited to shatter the glass ceiling of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This sad state of affairs means that now more than ever, this is a time for love.

To our devout Muslims and Jewish citizens who now may feel unsafe in your own home: You are loved.

To our strong women who now may fear that your right to control your body and your life is in jeopardy: You are loved.

To our hardworking Latinx community who now may feel even more unwelcome than ever despite all that you offer: You are loved.

To our brave LGBTQ+ family who now must fear the power of a VP who believes your identity is a disease to be cured: You are loved.

To our resilient African-American patriots who now may feel the arc of the moral universe is far too slow in its bend towards justice: You are loved.

To our unflinching Native Americans and climate advocates enduring attack dogs and pepper spray while protesting DAPL, and the journalists arrested despite the First Amendment: You are loved.

To all who feel like they no longer belong in these United States: You are loved.

And you are us.

You are the US.

Despite the relentless othering that Trump exploited to forge his unlikely path to the White House, you are America. The United States is more than the white vote. It’s more than the Bible Belt or the Rust Belt or the Corn Belt. We are more than our prejudices and fears, our racism and -phobias.

We are a land of ideals that we may never reach, but should never stop striving towards. We are a country of hope, especially when things look most hopeless. We are united even in times of division.

We are a nation of love.

And we will fight for that love.


For as long as it takes.

Phil Newell writes for Nexus Media, a syndicated newswire covering climate, energy, policy, art and culture.