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When Climate Change Becomes Climate Trauma

On November 8, 2018, Sally awoke to the smell of smoke and a phone call from her daughter, imploring her to flee her home. It was 8:30 a.m., but the sky was dark with smoke. The Camp Fire was bearing down on Paradise, California, and the entire town was under an evacuation order. The air wasREAD MORE

For Some, Shipping Bottlenecks Could Mean Polluted Holidays

To describe the pollution in his neighborhood, Christopher Chavez appeals to the senses: “There are the days where you can see it, and then, there are the days you can smell it.”  The 34-year-old West Long Beach native and environmental activist struggles to describe the acrid scent of exhaust fumes before concluding it smells like “port.”READ MORE

buffalo climate refuge

Buffalo, NY: Your Climate Refuge

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Maria Robles saw rainfall so severe that it punched a hole through her roof and flooded her home in San Juan. “We lost everything inside the house,” she said. “Everything, everything, everything.” The storm marked the beginning of a long journey that took her and her children from the conventionREAD MORE