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Ravaged by Hurricanes, a Historic Black Community Fights for Survival (VIDEO)

Ironton, a small incorporated community in Louisiana, was devastated by Hurricane Ida. But the destruction was not inevitable. Founded by freed people who were previously enslaved, Ironton residents had to fight for running water, sewage – and levees. Federally funded levees built after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 stopped short of Ironton, leaving homes to flood duringREAD MORE

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The Racist History of Toilets in America (VIDEO)

America invested in sanitation systems throughout the 20th century – but it often left out communities of color, and they're still trying to catch up. This video explains how specific policies caused these inequities, and talks to some of the people who still lack proper sanitation systems in 2022. This video is part of America's DirtyREAD MORE


‘Every Street Has Its Own Problem’: Majority-Black City Sees Hope After Years of Sewage Crisis (VIDEO)

In the shadow of one of the world’s richest cities, the people of Mount Vernon, New York face an unpleasant problem inside their homes: sewage. The city’s under-resourced sanitation crew struggles to keep up with complications stemming from its crumbling, 100-year old sewer system—a system strained even further by the extreme rain brought on by climateREAD MORE

baltimore trash incinerator

Inside South Baltimore’s Fight Against Burning Trash (VIDEO)

This story is part of Covering Climate Now, a global journalism collaboration strengthening coverage of the climate story.  When Meleny Thomas first moved to South Baltimore, she thought the towering smokestack emblazoned with the city’s name was a welcome sign. She later learned what it really was: a trash incinerator releasing pollutants into her neighborhood.  The incinerator,READ MORE