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Navajo Nation Left Without Power

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought additional urgency to a long-time issue for the Navajo Nation: lack of electricity. Despite historically being a major energy exporter, 14,000 households on Navajo lands currently don’t

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Drought cracked ground
Social Unrest In Iran Worsened By Drought

A prolonged drought and high temperatures, both linked to climate change, are fueling tensions and unrest in Iran. Water shortages, obviously dangerous in their own right, have exacerbated an electricity system already

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parched soil and plants
Navajo Ranchers Persist Despite Drought

Drought and desertification caused by climate change are threatening traditional ways of life in the Navajo Nation, but local ranchers are determined to hold on. Long-dependable rains "every year around June, July,

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Drought cracked ground
Driest Year for California Since 1924

California just concluded its driest 'water year' in nearly a century. Between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021, the cycle on which precipitation is measured, the average precipitation across the state's

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