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Puerto Rico Hit By Massive Power Outage

Puerto Ricans remain without power (both electrical and in Congress) after an island-wide power outage plunged the disenfranchised colonial territory into darkness Wednesday evening. Every customer on the main island lost electricity

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palm trees blowing with the hurricane wind
Ana Kills Scores in Southern Africa

Tropical Storm Ana has killed at least 88 people across three southern African nations. At least 48 are dead in Madagascar after landslides triggered by torrential rain destroyed buildings or simply washed

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Grid power lines view from below
Puerto Rico Suffers Without Reliable Power

Puerto Rico still lacks reliable electricity despite promises to improve its electrical grid after it was destroyed by Hurricane Maria four years ago, the New York Times reports. Authorities' failure to modernize

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WECAN leaders and allies advocate for climate solutions during the UN Climate talks. Credit: Emily Arasim/WECAN International
Women Are Leading the Way

Women are disproportionately impacted by climate change. Yet, it’s women’s unique role on the frontlines of the climate crisis that makes them distinctly equipped to be powerful leaders. Throughout Women’s History Month,

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