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water cycle

water level depth meter in river
Louisiana Threatened By Groundwater Crisis

The groundwater relied upon by nearly two-thirds of Louisianans is in danger of becoming critically scarce, according to an analysis of USGS data by the Investigative Reporting Workshop and WWNO/WRKF, NPR reports.

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ocean surface waves
Humans push Earth into critical condition

Human-driven activities have pushed Earth into the “danger zone” for planetary health, according to research that seeks to understand how far people can stress the limits of the world’s ability to handle

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hurricane over sea view from space
NOAA Forecast Update: More Storms

Private insurance companies are abandoning the state of Florida, and the state's "last resort" Citizens Property Insurance Corp., now its largest insurer, stands a one-in-four chance its reserves could be completely wiped

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thawing sea view during sunset
The Hair-Freezing Contest Suffers

The hair at Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs in Canada's Yukon Territory isn't as spiky as it used to be, the Washington Post reports. Climate change, mainly caused by the extraction and combustion

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flood flash
Heavy Rainfall Floods California

Torrential storms soaked California and set off flooding across the state this weekend. The heavy rainfall was caused by one of the many atmospheric river events to hit the state this winter.

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