On Saturday, science fans and aficionados showed up to more than 600 protests across the country and around the world. Their goal? To stand up for free and independent inquiry as scientists face contempt from lawmakers and possible cuts to research funding.

Here are some of the best signs from the march.

Peter Miner. Source: Nexus Media

“I’m here because of science and the scientific process, and the hard work of searching for truth. Facts inform us, they reveal the world to us, they predict the future. And truth, facts, science, all of this is under attack these days.” — Peter Miner, 71, in his first protest for science

Daniel Morales and Victoria Jimenez. Source: Nexus Media

“We think if more people understand the importance of science, and what science has to offer the world, then [lawmakers] would be less hostile to it and reroute more funding in our direction.” — Victoria Jimenez, a data control assistant, and Daniel Morales, a first-year grad student in physics

Athena and Ginny Soules. Source: Nexus Media

“Science is facts, it’s not alternative facts. If we’re able to acknowledge science and facts, that’s a just way to live.” — Athena Soules, who attended the march with her mother, Ginny.

Michael Peshkin. Source: Nexus Media

“We’re here today to defend facts and science against alternative facts and anti-science.” — Michael Peshkin, whose granddaughter, pictured here, took her first steps on the day of the Women’s March earlier this year

El-E. Source: Nexus Media

“I’m here because Planet Earth apparently needs people to show up en masse so that we can protect it.” — El-E, a musician based in New York

Rob McPeek, Natalka Freeland and their children Roxalana and Katrusia. Source Nexus Media

“We’re here because we want to fight for facts, science and evidence-based policy. And we also want to draw attention to the great support that science has among everyday people, who benefit from the fruits of science.” — Rob McPeek, a neuroscientist who attended the march with his family

Helen Huang, Olivia Owre-Bell and Bhargav Patel. Source: Nexus Media

“We’re here for science!” — science enthusiasts Helen Huang, Olivia Owre-Bell and Bhargav Patel

Stella Karcnik and Colin Beirne. Source: Nexus Media

“Climate change is the most important issue we face right now. We need to protect our Earth for future generations, and science is our future.” — environmentalists Colin Beirne and Stella Karcnik

Yvonne Schmitz. Source: Nexus Media

“We’re here because we’re worried about funding, and the fact that people don’t take science seriously anymore. And I put immigrants on my sign because science is heavily supported by immigrants — in our lab it’s 80 percent.” — Yvonne Schmitz, who studies Parkinson’s disease at Columbia University

Connie Rubin. Nexus Media

“I’m here today because the world, and certainly the country, is in crisis, and this is something I might be able to do to stop it. Just be here.”—environmentalist Connie Rubin

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