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Hurricane Epsilon Smashes Records

In a repeatedly record-breaking 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season, Hurricane Epsilon smashed multiple records yesterday. The storm exploded from a tropical storm with 45 mph winds on Tuesday morning to a Category 3

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Flesh-Eating Bacteria Worsened By Climate

Climate change is leading to a spike in cases of deadly, flesh-eating bacteria as warming temperatures, sea level rise, and storm surges move the Vibrio strains further north and further inland. For example, cases

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Sweeping Ocean & Climate Bill Introduced

On Tuesday, House Democrats introduced a bill to advance climate solutions in and around the ocean, recognizing that ocean-based climate action could provide one-fifth of the emissions reductions needed to limit global

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China Slams U.S. Climate Policies

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a “factsheet” Monday hitting at the United States’ climate and environmental record, saying the country “is widely viewed as a consensus-breaker and a troublemaker” under President

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Consolidation Begins in Flailing Shale

ConocoPhillips announced Monday it will buy Concho Resources for about $9.7 billion, making it the largest independent oil-and-gas company in the United States and a major player in the Permian Basin. Pioneer

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