Hurricane Ida, which bore numerous hallmarks of a storm supercharged by climate change, exacerbated the abortion access crisis in the region set off by Texas’ new controversial law, E&E News reports. Demand for abortion care surged in states bordering Texas, and just days after Texas passed the fracking billionaire and dark money-backed law effectively banning abortions in the state, Hurricane Ida forced two of the three reproductive care providers in Louisiana offline.

“We know overwhelmingly that people seeking abortions are already low-income and dealing with making travel arrangements and finding child care and missing work,” Michelle Erenberg of Lift Louisiana, a reproductive health care access advocate. “All of that stuff becomes exacerbated if you are traveling even longer distances for care and doing it in the midst of a storm or recovery, and just with Hurricane Ida, some women are not going to get the abortions they need because of it.” (E&E News; Neighboring states: The 19th* News)