More than 800 Amazon employees have petitioned the company to elevate its response to climate change through aid to Pakistan, NBC reports. “Amazon’s success and scale comes with a broad responsibility,” the internal petition reads. “As Amazonians, we are proud to uphold our leadership principles, and in that spirit, we owe it to our workforce, our customers, and the planet we live on to mitigate the harm our operations cause.”

On Monday, dozens of countries and international entities pledged more than $9 billion to assist Pakistan’s recovery from the calamitous flooding that submerged one-third of the country earlier this year, killing more than 1,700 people, destroying more than 2 million homes, causing more than $30 billion in damage, and setting off a crisis of waterborne disease. The number of Amazon employees who signed the petition is especially notable in light of the company’s recent layoffs and its history of harsh retribution against employees who call for it to take more ambitious action to address the climate crisis. (Petition: NBC; Pakistan aid: AP, Climate Home, The Guardian, FT $, Bloomberg $)