Amazon’s quickly-growing legion of warehouses are disproportionately located in communities of color and low-income communities, a Consumer Reports investigation revealed. The siting decisions burden those communities with truck traffic, noise, and pollution — causing health problems to residents, damage to homes, and other issues. “Our communities are being sacrificed in the name of economic development,” José Acosta-Córdova, an organizer at the Chicago-based nonprofit Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, told Consumer Reports. Nearly 70% of Amazon warehouses are located in neighborhoods with higher proportions of Black and Brown residents than the surrounding area and 57% are located in neighborhoods with disproportionately low-income households, the report, based on cross-referenced data from the EPA, the Census Bureau, and a database of Amazon facilities that it purchased from a logistics consulting firm. To quote The Verge, “Go read this investigation on the environmental racism of Amazon warehouses.” (Consumer Reports)