Though not actually connected to his absolute broasting by Greta Thunberg, Andrew Tate’s arrest on rape and human trafficking charges capped a karmically bad few days for the self-proclaimed misogynist. Tate’s arrest by Romanian authorities came just days after getting wrecked by Thunberg on Twitter. Previously banned from Twitter, Tate’s account was reinstated in late November following Elon Musk’s purchase of the company.

The Musk-era reinstatement of numerous climate deniers — banned for posting COVID-19 misinformation — has also led to increasingly prominent climate denial on the site. “Whatever [algorithms] Musk is altering, I hope he keeps it up,” notorious climate denier Marc Morano told E&E News.

A spokesperson for the Romanian anti-organized crime agency said reports that a pizza box visible in Tate’s transphobic attempt to respond to Thunberg’s tweet (the 4th most-liked of all time) tipped off Romanian authorities to his location were “funny” but untrue. (Twitter exchange: Buzzfeed, Fortune, Insider, Newsweek, Variety, BBC, Jezebel, The Guardian, ABC, People, EuroNews, Fox News; Arrest: AP, Philadelphia Inquirer, Buzzfeed, The Wrap; Andrew Tate toxicity: NBC, Washington Post $, Economist, LA Times $, NPR; Twitter climate misinformation: E&E News)