More than a decade ago, Thomas Doherty and Susan Clayton published a paper describing the growing issues regarding anxiety about climate change, felt not just by those directly impacted but also those who followed research and news on the crisis. The idea was met with skepticism, the New York Times reports, but has since become widely accepted. “Eco-” or “climate anxiety” is now just another part of youth activists’ lexicon — it’s “a reflection that we’re awake but also that we’re not conditioned to the status quo, that we’re capable of thinking outside of the system,” 22-year-old Clover Hogan told Glamour UK. The concept has also gone mainstream. Last Friday, none other than Good Housekeeping offered tips on how to address “another pot of worry” that’s “moving off the back burner for many of us: anxiety about climate change.” (New York Times $, Glamour UK, Good Housekeeping)