The American Petroleum Institute said Thursday it supports a federal tax on carbon dioxide as a “framework” to address climate change, along with a call for minimizing “duplicative regulations,” but with few details. The announcement from the largest trade group representing the oil and gas industry was criticized from across the political spectrum. Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.) slammed API’s endorsement of a carbon tax as “a cop-out approach to appease the radical left.” Policy Director Natalie Mebane was also unimpressed. “The American Petroleum Institute and fossil fuel executives have knowingly lied and deceived the public about the devastating impacts that burning coal, oil, and gas has on our climate for decades,” she said in a statement. “Now at the 11th hour, while our communities reel from climate impact after climate impact, they are endorsing a false solution.” (Politico Pro $, AP, E&E $, Reuters, Washington Post $, Politico Pro $, Wall Street Journal $, CNN, The Hill, CNBC, Washington Examiner, E&E $; Commentary: Wall Street Journal, Greg Ip column $)