Groups backed by the oil and gas industry and the Koch network are deluging American politics with millions of dollars to sink President Biden’s domestic policy agenda, including major efforts to address the climate crisis. A new report from InfluenceMap reveals the American Petroleum Institute, and its front group Energy Citizens, spent more than $2 million on lobbying in the first half of 2021, and just since August 11, API’s Facebook ads have been viewed at least 21 million times. That’s in addition to the seven-figure TV ad campaign API is running against the reconciliation package currently hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, Rolling Stone reports the Koch network is spending millions to undermine the Build Back Better Act.

“These industry groups are pulling out all the stops — from advertising to public messaging — to oppose the reconciliation bill,” Kendra Haven, InfluenceMap’s U.S. program manager. “This level of strategic activity, particularly through targeted advertising campaigns, exposes the value of their positive-sounding, top-line statements on climate.” (API: New York Times $, E&E News, Axios; Koch network: Rolling Stone)