Republican Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker approved sweeping climate legislation that directs investment toward renewables, the power grid, and stationary storage while expanding access to electric vehicles and clean buildings that will help the state meet its net zero by 2050 target. Notably, the legislation will allow 10 municipalities to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure, a first for the state. Baker’s blessing comes after weeks of speculation he would veto the bill. “I continue to want us to be a pretty big player in that space because it’s a sustainable way to create a lot of jobs, for a very long time,” Baker told the Boston Globe.

Switching coasts, California Governor Gavin Newsom outlined a new plan to adapt to a future with 10% less water by 2040 by shifting the state’s emphasis from water conservation to water capture and recycling. It does not substantially address water use by agriculture, which uses four times more water than people in urban areas. The plan calls for creating 4 million acre-feet of water storage and recycling or reusing 800,000 acre-feet per year by 2030 in addition to more stormwater capture and desalination projects. One acre-foot of water is enough to supply two average urban households per year. (Massachusetts: WBUR, Boston Globe $, Washington Post $; California: The Hill, CalMatters, Reuters, LA Times $, Sacramento Bee $, San Francisco Chronicle $)