Fossil fuel extraction in the Bakken Shale oil field in North Dakota would disproportionately harm local Native American populations, according to an EPA resource management plan and environmental impact statement. Advocacy groups pushed for the inclusion of research showing the influx of transient fossil fuel workers drives up crime rates, with Native Americans 2.5 times more likely than white Americans to be victims of violence. It also noted the Bureau of Land Management found potential that “tribal members, especially women, may experience increased violent crime due to the influx of non-local oil and gas workers” brought in to extract oil and gas from the Bakken Shale. Advocates have long warned of the danger to Native women and girls from “man camps” associated with pipelines. The EPA statement is part of the process to evaluate the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative, which would designate a 2,000-mile corridor for pipelines and expedite the usual permitting process. EPA advances 2,000-mile corridor, warning of violence (E&E $)