Members of the Rockefeller family, whose wealth comes originally from John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Co., have launched a new effort to leverage their fortune and network to pressure U.S. banks to stop investing in fossil fuels driving climate change, Politico reports. The initiative, called BankFWD, aims to expand on the success of climate activists in pushing banks and asset managers to reevaluate their gas, oil, and coal investments. Organizers hope to gather pledges from wealthy individuals to press their banks to cut fossil fuel investments and move their assets away from banks that fail to do so. Though the wealth held by the BankFWD co-chairs and their networks is substantial, they acknowledge that it is still outweighed by big banks’ fossil fuel investments. Instead, they seek to leverage the access they and their network have to attention from bank executives. “The biggest lever at the end of the day is a reputational risk — that it’s about not only the current dollars but the long term impact of reputational damage to clients leaving the bank over time, to not becoming the trusted bank of choice for the next generation,” Danny Growald, who co-chairs the effort along with Rockefeller family members Valerie Rockefeller and Peter Gill Case, told Politico. (Politico Pro $)