President Joe Biden, on Wednesday, described climate change as an “emergency” and a “clear and present danger” and said his administration will take steps to address it. Sweating in 90°+ heat in front of a shuttered Massachusetts coal plant being converted into an offshore wind manufacturing facility, Biden said climate action would create jobs and spur the economy, but did not officially declare a national climate emergency, which would open the door for more ambitious actions to address the crisis. That declaration is coming, however, and is merely a “matter of timing,” John Kerry, the president’s international climate envoy, told the New York Times. The administration announced multiple executive actions Wednesday, inducing opening parts of the Gulf of Mexico to offshore wind development and increasing funding for cities to deal with extreme heat. (New York Times $, AP, Politico, ABC, CNBC, CNN, Grist, Bloomberg $, The Hill, E&E News, Reuters, Reuters, NBC, Politico, E&E News, Axios, Prensa Latina; Offshore wind: Reuters, Bloomberg $, The Hill; Cities: The Guardian)