President Biden, in addition to rejoining the Paris Agreement, took multiple actions to address the climate crisis and undo the damage of the Trump administration. Biden signed a wide-ranging executive order on protecting public health and the environment directing federal agencies to review about 100 Trump administration actions, craft methane pollution limits, strengthen vehicle emissions and efficiency standards, review national monument boundaries shrunk by the Trump administration, halt oil and gas leasing in ANWR, reestablish a working group focused on the social cost of greenhouse gas pollution, and revoke numerous permits including for the Keystone XL pipeline. President Biden also ordered a review of how the regulatory process favors industry interests. (Multiple actions: New York Times $, Bloomberg $, Reuters, Politico Pro $, CNN, AP, Politico, FT $, Washington Post $; Keystone XL: Indian Country Today, Grist, Bloomberg $, AP, New York Times $, E&E $, Earther)