Just days after securing victory, the nascent Biden administration is preparing to undo many of the Trump administration’s environmental rollbacks. The Trump administration rolled back or weakened at least 125 environmental safeguards, and with sweeping climate legislation likely to be difficult, at best, executive action on climate change is expected to be a critical tool for the Biden administration to take action. In addition to rejoining the Paris Agreement, which Biden has pledged to do on his first day in office, the president-elect is expected to move quickly on other executive actions to reduce American greenhouse gas pollution. During the campaign, Biden pledged to end oil and gas leasing on public lands, reinstate Obama-era requirements for methane leak detection and prevention, reinstate or even strengthen fuel efficiency and emissions requirements for passenger cars and light trucks, establish an environmental justice division within the Department of Justice, and prioritize climate action across his administration. (New York Times $, AP, Washington Post $, Reuters, Bloomberg $, E&E $, Reuters, Reuters, Politico, LA Times $, Energy Monitor, New York Times $)(Washington Post $)