President Biden and a bipartisan group of 10 senators reached an agreement on an infrastructure package that includes little to address climate change, and its passage will require additional measures in separate legislation. The package, which includes $579 billion in new investments, includes some funding for transit, rail, EVs, and improving resilience to climate-fueled disasters. It omits, however, many of the ambitious proposals President Biden initially outlined to reduce fossil fuel consumption and address climate change, including a national clean electricity standard, and tax incentives for renewable energy development. It was unclear who the five additional Republican senators needed to overcome the filibuster might be.

Democrats in both chambers and President Biden said their ultimate support for the bipartisan compromise would be contingent on passage of a larger budget reconciliation package that includes stronger climate provisions as well as investments in “human infrastructure” like childcare and paid leave. (Bipartisan deal: New York Times $, New York Times $, Washington Post $, Reuters factbox, Washington Post $, The Hill, E&E $, New York Times $, Politico, E&E $, Politico Pro $; Reconciliation required: (New York Times $, AP, Reuters, The Hill)