More than 300 businesses, including major tech, retail, and food brands are calling on the Biden administration to commit to cutting U.S. greenhouse gas pollution to at least half of 2005 levels by 2030. In an open letter released by the We Mean Business coalition, 310 businesses and investors with a footprint in the United States called for what they describe as “ambitious and attainable” reductions targets that are roughly congruent with what most environmental groups are also calling for and would nearly double the cuts targeted by the Obama administration.

Hardly a consortium of liberal stalwarts, signatories include tobacco company and longtime GOP ally Philip Morris, Facebook, which has come under fire for allowing its platform to be used to spread climate denial, and dozens of other businesses based in Republican-held districts. “I think this signals a major shift in the corporate community’s understanding of the urgency of climate change as a systemic financial risk,” said Anne Kelly, of the sustainability nonprofit Ceres, which organized the letter, told the New York Times. (New York Times $, AP, inside Climate News, Fast Company; Facebook: Bloomberg $)