The Biden administration, on Wednesday, restored California’s authority to set its own, stronger, limits on pollution from cars, trucks, and SUVs. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. The move undoes a decision made by the previous administration and will have wide-reaching effects across the transportation sector.

Not only does California account for a sizeable portion of the national car market, but 17 states plus the District of Columbia follow its regulations, which — under a rule currently being considered by the state Air Resources Board — would require 100% of new vehicles sales to be EVs by 2035. Improving fuel efficiency and EV adoption “is especially welcome news,” said LCV chair and former EPA administrator Carol Browner, “as international conflict drives up the price of oil and gasoline.” (Washington Post $, AP, E&E News, CNN, Axios, New York Times $, Politico, The Hill, Wall Street Journal $)