Cecil Corbin-Mark, the Deputy Director and Director of Policy Initiatives at WE ACT, died suddenly on October 15, after suffering a stroke. He was 51. Corbin-Mark has been a loved and respected leader of the climate movement. Born and raised in a family actively engaged in the Civil Rights movement, he was one of the leading figures who highlighted the disproportionate impact of pollution on BIPOC communities in New York City. “We ask that you all take a moment and reflect on the magnificent life of Cecil Corbin-Mark. Celebrate the individual, and his body of work. The bills passed, and the people mentored. Remember his laughter, and his smile. And then follow in his footsteps, fearlessly fighting to protect and uplift the health and well-being of frontline communities,” WE ACT said in a statement. (E&E News $, PatchHarlem World Magazine)