The biggest threat to the environment is now back on the website of the agency charged with protecting it. “Climate facts are back on EPA’s website where they should be,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said in a statement. The EPA will play a key role, across multiple policy fronts, in Biden administration efforts to combat climate change. The previous administration, which filled many top EPA rolls with climate change deniers and fossil fuel industry lobbyists, had removed the website — containing key information of climate change impacts and emissions data — immediately after taking office. Environmental groups cheered the restoration of climate information to the EPA website, which also includes a Spanish version.

“Today, we are relieved to see that the EPA is now actually going to post information about climate change on its website — again,” Dominique Browning, co-founder and director of Moms Clean Air Force, said in a statement. “The site was removed by a denier administration, and their denial is endangering all of us. It’s time to face reality. Science is back.” (Reuters, E&E $, The Hill, Bloomberg $)