Two cases before the Supreme Court could have significant implications for climate disinformation on social media platforms, Inside Climate News reports. The laws were passed in Texas and Florida in response to social media companies banning the former president for inciting an insurrection and make it much harder for the companies to deplatform users over political content. The cases were brought by a social media company trade group.

The Court heard oral arguments in the cases last week and, if it sides with the states would dramatically hinder social media companies’ effortsalbeit halting — to limit the spread of climate disinformation on their platforms. “I think there’s a lot at stake for climate disinformation and disinformation of all kinds,” Michael Khoo, a climate disinformation researcher and member of the Climate Action Against Disinformation Coalition, told Inside Climate News. “The vast majority of Americans believe in climate change and they want their online discussions to reflect that.” (Inside Climate News)