Biomass manufacturing giant Drax and a state-connected California nonprofit finalized an agreement under which the UK company will produce a million tons of wood pellets annually from trees in the Golden State. Drax uses carbon accounting loopholes to market the wood pellets as “carbon neutral” to international buyers, even though burning wood for energy “is not effective in mitigating climate change and may even increase the risk of dangerous climate change,” according to European Academies Science Advisory Council research. The Drax-Golden State Natural Resources agreement came as a BBC investigation revealed the firm burned more than 40,000 tons of old-growth forest in British Columbia. In addition to emitting up to 150% more carbon dioxide than coal per unit energy produced, wood pellet manufacturing produces numerous harmful pollutants and, especially in the American South, disproportionately harms Black and poor communities, invoking echos of the Atlantic Slave Trade. (DeSmog, BBC)