Environmental lawyer Steven Donziger was released from house arrest Monday, following a years-long battle against Chevron and the American legal system — two entities that have at times operated in tandem against him. Donziger completed a six-month sentence which followed more than two years of house arrest. “I am exhilarated to be able to live fully again, extremely excited to be able to make the normal choices people in a free society get to make,” Donziger told Gizmodo. “I’m also stunned that I just spent two years and seven months of my life in detention in retaliation for my work in the climate justice field.” Earlier this year, President Biden renominated Jennifer Rearden, a New York corporate lawyer who worked for the firm representing Chevron in its efforts to take down Donziger, to a lifetime appointment on the federal bench. (Gizmodo, Salon, Law.com, Vice, ILoveTheUpperWestSide.com)