The growing range and size of electric vehicles, including gargantuan 8,000-pound trucks, threatens to strain the supply of raw materials and supply chain capacity needed to keep up with battery demand, BlombergNEF’s recent Electric Vehicle Outlook warns. Worldwide, average EV battery pack sizes have increased 10% annually from 2018 to 2022 and now average about 60 kWh, but the megalotrucks heavily marketed in the U.S. routinely include 100 kWh batteries. The outsized consumption of battery resources by trucks approaching the size of a WW2 tank is especially stark given the range penalty caused by the vehicles’ colossal weight. A report earlier this year from the Climate and Community Project found reducing EV battery sizes, along with other transportation policy reforms and improved lithium recycling, could cut lithium demand by as much as two-thirds. (EV battery size increase: Bloomberg $; Critical minerals: Washington Post $)