ExxonMobil announced plans to trim greenhouse gas pollution intensity from its own operations Monday. The company, which resisted calls to transition away from fossil fuels and planned to increase its greenhouse gas pollution earlier this year, has come under substantial pressure from investors to reduce its emissions. Exxon’s announcement did not include hard numbers on how much pollution it would reduce, instead promising to reduce the amount of GHG pollution released per barrel of oil or cubic foot of gas and giving Exxon wiggle room to increase its overall GHG pollution in the future. The announcement only applies to the company’s own operations, but did promise to begin reporting “Scope 3” emissions across its supply chain and when its products are burned by consumers. It also said it will reduce methane pollution intensity from its oil and gas operations, something likely to be required under the incoming Biden administration. (Bloomberg $, Reuters, Wall Street Journal $, FT $, CNBC, Politico Pro $, Axios, S&P Global; Commentary: Bloomberg, Liam Denning column $)