The onceobscure Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will now consider proposed gas infrastructure’s impacts on climate change and affected communities of color and low-income communities. Adopted by a 3-2 vote on party lines, the changes are FERC’s first changes to how it assesses new gas infrastructure since the Clinton administration. Fossil fuel interests, Republicans, and Joe Manchin, all criticized considering the environmental and human health impacts of new gas infrastructure. “There’s nothing remarkable, and certainly not radical, in taking environmental considerations into account while determining the public interest,” Democratic FERC Commissioner Allison Clements, retorted. On Wednesday, FERC, along with NARUC, also said developing more high-voltage transmission lines may require expanding how those projects’ benefits are considered. (Politico Pro $, Reuters, Washington Post $, Politico Pro $; Transmission lines: E&E $, Utility Dive)