Scientists say Climate change has contributed to the extreme rains that have caused unprecedented flooding in Bangladesh and northeast India this year, the AP reports. Widespread downpours and flooding have killed at least 155 people in the region, displacing millions, washing away bridges, and stranding close to 10 million with little food and potable water. “We have not been able to get out of our house,” Dewan Uddus Choudhury, a 44-year-old farmer in Assam’s Barpeta district in northeast India, told the Washington Post.

“There is six to eight feet of water outside.” Waterborne diseases are also a major concern. “This is something that we have never heard of and never seen,” he said. Heavy rains and flooding — both clear signals of climate change — are becoming more frequent in South Asia, along with other forms of extreme weather and climate-fueled disasters. (Climate link: AP; Flooding: Washington Post $, Reuters; Climate Signals background: Extreme precipitation increase)