A new plan to be released today by House GOP leadership will include policies contrary to nearly everything climate scientists say is needed to address the climate crisis. The plan, reportedly produced by an “energy, climate, and conservation, task force” established by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, will call for increasing fossil fuel extraction and LNG exports.

Last month, a gas industry official admitted increasing LNG exports are contributing to higher energy prices.

The extraction and combustion of fossil fuels unequivocally causes climate change, increasing the frequency and severity of heatwaves, droughts, major hurricanes, and wildfires. Scientists also agree urgent action to reduce fossil fuel use is needed to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change.

“Most people understand that a serious climate solution requires a shift towards cleaner sources of energy, but the Republicans apparently want to take us in the opposite direction, with more dependence on dangerous, dirty energy sources,” Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) told the Washington Post. “I understand that my Republican colleagues love fossil fuel production, but it simply isn’t genuine or helpful to call that a climate change strategy.” (Washington Post $, Politico)