Gas stoves are likely exposing tens of millions of Americans to air pollution levels that would be illegal if they were outside, according to a new report. The report, compiled by the Rocky Mountain Institute, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Mothers Out Front, and the Sierra Club, reviews decades of scientific research on how gas stove affects health. Among the research reviewed is a study showing children in homes with gas stoves have a 42% higher likelihood of experiencing asthma symptoms and research showing 12.3% of all childhood asthma burden can be attributed to gas stoves. A UCLA study released just days earlier found one hour of cooking on a gas stove produced levels of indoor air pollution high enough to exceed national and California air quality standards in 90% of homes surveyed. While some, often costly, measures can be taken to lessen the effects of gas stoves, switching to electric stoves is the best solution to protect human health, according to the report. (The Guardian)