Germany blocks Russian Nord Stream 2 methane gas pipeline. The $11 billion pipeline would double the flow of Russian-produced methane gas into Germany, but German Chancellor Olah Scholz put the pipeline on hold after Russian President Putin sent troops to Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine. The pipeline construction is completed, but gas has not begun to flow as the pipeline awaits final certification. The project has faced opposition for both its climate impacts and potential to expand the Kremlin’s influence over the EU. About 40 percent of the methane gas used in the EU comes from Russia, and Russia has recently wielded that influence by slowing deliveries, causing higher prices, drained gas reserves, and an energy crunch across Europe. The EU has begun to seek alternative gas supplies and the European Commission told Reuters halting the pipeline would not affect Europe’s energy supply. (The Hill, Reuters, CNBC, Gizmodo, New York Times $, Wall Street Journal $)