Google is failing to enforce its promised new policy to not display climate denial ads or monetize YouTube videos with climate disinformation, according to a report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate released Thursday. Researchers found at least 50 ads for climate denial content published after Google’s policy took effect — 37 of which were removed only after the Washington Post reached out to the company. Similarly, a report released Thursday by Avaaz found Facebook was also allowing advertisements for climate denial posts its fact checkers had already debunked, and 88% of the posts from the top 5 climate disinformation accounts garnered over 60 million views.

Co-chair of the Climate Disinformation Coalition Michael Khoo told the Post that (like Facebook) “it appears Google is spreading disinformation about its efforts to fight disinformation.” California Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna vowed to use the House oversight subcommittee on the environment to call on tech leaders to testify about misinformation on social media. “Tech companies are still allowing climate deniers to use their platforms to spread misinformation,” Khanna told the Post. “Until that changes, we won’t be able to muster up the public support necessary to solve the climate crisis.” (Washington Post $, The Verge, New York Times $)