A year since Google announced it would demonetize climate disinformation in its ad service and on YouTube, a new report by Dewey Square Group found Google Display is still serving ads on climate disinformation websites. The analysis, conducted for the Climate Action Against Disinformation coalition, reviewed over 100 top “climate disinformation sites” including Fox, Breitbart, and the Daily Caller, as well as the fringe video platform Rumble. Analysts found Google’s ad services “were by far the most widely used,” serving half of the sites and accounting for 97.7% of the millions of total projected weekly visits accounted for in the research.

“We can’t solve the climate crisis if Google continues to enable and fund the sites that expose millions of people to climate denial,” said Erika Seiber of Friends of the Earth in a press release. The report is “further proof that tech companies can’t be trusted to self-regulate” she added, which shows why “we have to stop this industry of opaque ad networks from propping up the dark corners of the internet.” (Google: Common Dreams, Rumble: Media Matters)