Tropical Depression Grace poured rain on Haiti and the Dominican Republic yesterday, as Tropical Storm Fred hit the Florida panhandle. Coming just days after a 7.2 earthquake killed at least 1,419 people, Grace, the second named storm to hit the island of Hispaniola in under a week, dumped “heavy rains” on Haiti according to the New York Times, but precise amounts were unknown Tuesday morning. The storm restrengthened into a tropical storm early Tuesday morning.

Tropical Storm Fred made landfall on the Florida Panhandle Monday afternoon. Warm, moist tropical air fueled the storm back to near-hurricane strength after it hit Haiti and other Caribbean nations last week. As of Monday evening, the storm had already dropped as much as 6 inches of rain with several more inches possible. As many as 40,000 utility customers were without power Monday evening. (Haiti: New York Times $, The Guardian, AP, Washington Post $, Reuters; Florida: Washington Post $,; Both: Yale Climate Connections, AP, Earther; Climate Signals background: Hurricanes)