Historically white-lead and -staffed environmental groups are trying to improve their outreach to, and employment of, people of color, the AP reports, while young and diverse environmentalists have also taken to founding their own organizations. Environmental groups have recognized the problem of the movement’s whiteness — a history that goes back all the way to its founding — and though communities of color are disproportionately harmed by pollution and climate change, the largest green groups are still predominantly run and staffed by white people. “I don’t think BIPOC are choosing not to be in the outdoors, they’re just not given the same opportunity,” said Kristy Drutman, the Filipino and Jewish founder of the Green Jobs Board, who also runs the Brown Girl Green podcast. “Urbanization, racial segregation, all these histories have separated BIPOC from neighbors with more green spaces,” she added. “It’s become a white people’s thing because of that.” (AP)