Summer is around the corner, and across the US people are gearing up to put some shrimp on the barbie. However, for the eco-conscious, grilling can have some negative impacts on the environment and your health. Studies have found that charcoal grills release substantial amounts of climate pollution, and demand for charcoal made from burnt wood can contribute to deforestation. The solution?

High-quality pure lump charcoal that hasn’t been chemically processed or shaped. This type of charcoal is the preferred grill fuel for BBQ pros, since it lights easily, burns hot, and leaves behind less ash. Chef Luis Mata recommended Binchotan to Huffington Post, “a Japanese crafted hardwood lump charcoal that’s known as the purest in the world. It burns longer, hotter and cleaner than any other charcoal or briquette. It’s also smokeless and odorless, and can be reused.” Be mindful of lighter fluid, which can cause ground-level ozone, a pollutant that especially affects children and the elderly. (Huff Post)