Homeowners are increasingly interested in installing solar energy systems, especially those with battery storage, to make their homes more resilient to extreme weather, CNBC reports. In California, as heatwaves, drought, and wildfires have strained the state’s electrical grid, interest in residential solar panel systems (measured by requests for an installation quote) was up 358% from June 30 through August 6 compared to that time period last year. It’s not just California either, similar spikes occurred in Oregon (919% increase) and Texas (850% increase) following the respective heatwave and blackouts there. “These folks that experience environmental difficulty gain a whole different perspective on what solar and batteries are,” SolarReviews founder and President Andy Sendy told CNBC.

The spike in homeowners’ interest in solar with battery backup, however, also highlights the inequitable ability of those wealthy enough to own a home and pay for the up front costs of installing those systems (which will save them money over time) to insulate themselves from the impacts of climate change. (CNBC)