House Democrats are investigating work done by major public relations firms and a trade group to spread disinformation for the fossil fuel industry. Reported first by the Washington Post, Natural Resources Committee and its Oversight subcommittee, chaired by Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Katie Porter (D-Calif.) respectively, have requested documents from Blue Advertising, DDC Public Affairs, FTI Consulting, Singer Associates and Story Partners, as well as the American Petroleum Institute. In a press statement, Rep. Porter said “fossil fuel companies have been lying to the public for decades to cover up the damage they’re doing to the planet and our long-term economic wellbeing. The American people deserve the truth—and Big Oil needs to be held accountable. Chair Grijalva and I want answers.”

The only response thus far has been from the American Petroleum Institute which, in response to the query about misleading the public about the climate risks of petroleum products, provided a quote from a spokesperson who doubled down on the misleading claim that fossil fuels are “reducing US emissions.” (Washington Post $, The Hill, E&E $