The impacts of Hurricane Ida continue to be felt in the Gulf Coast and along the eastern seaboard. Heavy rains from the remnants of Ida flooded an apartment complex in Rockville, Maryland – leaving a 19-year-old dead after he went into a flooded apartment to try and save his mother, and another resident unaccounted for. In Annapolis, a tornado caused by the storm tore off roofs, caused gas leaks, and left thousands of homes and businesses without power. Flash flood warnings continue in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with 24-hour rainfall totals potentially reaching 1-in-100 year events.

The Weather Service estimates twenty million people are in a high-risk zone for flooding, and an additional 32 million in the surrounding moderate risk area. Thousands of residents are being evacuated in Pennsylvania after hours of heavy rain while in New Orleans, carbon monoxide leaks are poisoning residents as they run generators indoors, with seven kids and five adults were hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning from a single home in New Orleans, and a 24-year-old was found dead inside his business on Monday.

Untreated sewage is also being dumped into the Mississippi River after backup generators failed, an emergency measure that highlights the continuing challenges after Entergy New Orleans’ eight transmission lines into the region went offline in the face of Ida’s intense winds. Gasoline distribution has also been impacted as demand for the fuel has skyrocketed but refineries and distribution centers remain offline. (Maryland death: Washington Post $, AP; Flash flooding and evacuations: Washington Post $, CBS, Yale Climate Connections, AP; New Orleans impacts: NOLA 1, NOLA 2, NOLA 3)