Indonesian women are tackling two of the world’s biggest crises at once, Thomson Reuters reports. On Bengkalis island, the Bengkalis Women Weaving Community make hand sanitizer from mangrove oil and dye masks with mangrove sap. Mangroves hold a full third of the planet’s coastal carbon stock and sequester five times more carbon per acre as Indonesia’s upland forests and protect coastal areas from cyclones intensified by climate change. Using the mangrove-derived products, which supplant expensive synthetic dyes also helps the women keep more of their income and supports the economic viability of mangrove forests which are often ripped out for charcoal production and shrimp farms. As for the masks themselves, the Indonesian women’s group won a public vote for the best collection of handwoven clothes at the TENUN Fashion Week out of 45 entrants from across Southeast Asia. (Thomson Reuters Foundation; Climate Signals background: Cyclonic storms)