The Keystone Pipeline dumped at least 14,000 barrels (588,000 gallons) of oil into a creek in Washington County, Kansas, forcing the shutdown of the pipeline. The full impact of the spill is still unknown, and cleanup efforts will likely be complicated by the fact that the spill impacted a waterway and because the sludgy tar sands transported by the pipeline is both extremely toxic and heavier than water, causing it to sink. The Keystone pipeline has previously leaked in North and South Dakota. The danger of leaks was a major factor in the termination of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. News of the shutdown of the 600,000 bpd pipeline briefly increased oil prices. (AP, KCUR, CNN, Nebraska Public Media, KSNT, Politico Pro $, Al Jazeera, Reuters, The Hill, Bloomberg $, OilPrice, Bloomberg $)