Major corporations and businesses that have previously burnished their images by claiming to support action to address the climate crisis are shrinking from effort to enact legislation to do just that, E&E News reports. A case in point, while Amazon has made numerous and widely publicized proclamations of its pledge to curb climate change, it tweeted its support for the Build Back Better Act from its public policy account (~15,500 followers), not it’s news account (~196,000 followers), or its main account (~3.9 million). Amazon is not alone, Walmart and Apple have also been reluctant to support the bill that would invest in goals they claim to share while other corporate actors like JPMorgan have been silent.

Amazon and JPMorgan are members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – and officials from Facebook and Microsoft sit on its board. The Chamber is leading the corporate assault against the Build Back Better Act, which includes major investments to stem the tide of climate change. “If [these companies] are going to be consistent with the commitments that they’ve made,” Vanderbilt law professor Michael Vandenbergh told E&E News, “they need to support this legislation. And that they are vulnerable to being called out as hypocrites if they don’t.” As of Tuesday morning, Amazon’s tweet had been retweeted 18 times. (E&E News)