West Virginia senator Joe Manchin voiced support for climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act Tuesday, telling reporters, “The climate thing is one that we probably can come to an agreement much easier than anything else.” Manchin, who has made millions from the coal company his family owns and has received more campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry this election cycle than any other senator, also said “as we move from a fossil dependency to more of a cleaner, and you do that by using fossils in cleaner ways.”

Last fall, Manchin effectively gutted the Build Back Better Act of a key climate provision that would have incentivized utilities to provide cleaner electricity to their customers. Manchin, a millionaire who has never given birth, reiterated his opposition to other parts of the Build Back Better Act, including paid family leave and Medicare expansions and also said unemployed people should be barred from receiving any extension of the child tax credit. (Climate: E&E News, The Hill, Politico Pro $; Other provisions: Bloomberg $, AP, Politico)