The worst flooding in over a decade has killed at least 600* people and displaced more than 1.4 million people in southern Nigeria this year. Officials reported more than 45,000 homes were destroyed along with more than 360,000 acres of farmland partially or totally destroyed, and NASA images showed floodwaters “inundated numerous communities.” The Nigerian rainy season begins around June but deadly flooding began “around August and September” a government spokesperson told AFP. Heavy rains, as well as a dam release in Cameroon, have pushed floodwaters even higher than the 2012 flooding that killed 363 people and displaced 600,000. Sub-saharan Africa is disproportionately impacted by climate change, despite countries there, such as Nigeria contributing a negligible amount of historic climate pollution. (CNN, AFP, Democracy Now; Commentary and context: The Conversation; Climate Signals background: Extreme Precipitation increase)

*This article has been updated to reflect more recent death toll figures. (CNN)